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The Spirit of Land English

The Spirit of Land

 Though Vernon Lee was an English, she herself was born in France and spent much time in Germany and Italy: she was a cosmopolitan. She wrote a lot of books of travel featuring impressions she had in various places. During her lifetime, it was her travelogues among her books that attracted the most readers. In a letter, she wrote: "I want to travel. I dislike remaining in the same country."
 Lee had the ability to feel ‘Genius Loci’ and loved places where she could feel genius loci. Italy, Switzerland and France were the places of genius loci for Lee and in these countries she felt the existence of the past or things that had passed and out of them she created her works and the readers can have nostalgic feelings in them. Vineta Colby writes: "The genius loci for Vernon Lee was a rich stew seasoned with everything she saw, read, and imagined." In this site, I collect what impressions Lee had in these countries or cities.
 Vernon Lee often used railroad trains when travelling. Though some writers hated trains, Lee used even underground trains.

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