Vernon Lee (Violet Paget)

Shaw English

George Bernard Shaw

Bernard Shaw

 1856~1950. An Irish dramatist, critic. He is a laureate of Nobel Prize for literature.The major works of his are Man and Superman (1903)、Pygmalion(1913) and others.
 Shaw introduced Ibsen to England. Vernon Lee took the title of her book Vital Lies from Ibsen, so she was conscious of Shaw.
 Max Nordau criticized both Ibsen and Shaw, but, according to Shaw, what Nordau calls “degenerate” can be commonly seen in most human beings.
 Lee writes in Satan the Waster. "This book is something more than the latest literary product of a well known author. It is a trophy of the war for England. It proves what everyone has lately been drawn to doubt, that it is possible to be born in England and yet have intellect." On the other hand, Shaw writes: "The problem remains, how is it then possible for a nation to produce a woman like Vernon Lee, and at the same time choose Mr.Lloyd George and Sir Edward Carson as its dictators?" (Colby, Vernon Lee, P.306.) Furthermore, he also writes: "Vernon Lee is English of the English, and yet held her intellectual own all through. I take off my hat to the old guard of Victorian cosmopolitan intellectualism, and salute her as the noblest Briton of the all."(Gunn, Vernon Lee, P.209.)
 Vineta Colby asserts that Shaw praised Vernon Lee as a type of virtue which Lloyd George.

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