Vernon Lee (Violet Paget)

Paul English

Jean Paul


 1763~1825. A German novelist. He is known for works that depict the lives of people living in the countryside with affection and humour. The major works of his are Hesperus oder 45 Hundsposttage (1795)、Leben des vergnügten Schulmeisterlein Maria Wutz in Auenthal (1793), and Titan (1802). His works influenced E.T.A. Hoffmann and others.
 For Vernon Lee, who loved German culture, the novels of Paul are the symbol of German culture together with the literature of Goethe, the music of Mozart and Bach, and the pictures of Dürer. In Genius Loci, Lee writes the impressions she had when she visited Augsburg, mentioning the humour of Paul.
 Also in The Sentimental Traveler, she mentions Jean Paul.


 In Ottilie, Lee mentioned the name of Paul. Christoph whose marriage with Wilhelmine doesn’t go well deplores it, comparing it to the life of Siebenkäs and lenette in Paul’s Fruit, Flower, and Thorn Pieces.

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