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Margaret Oliphant

 1828~1897. A Scottish novelist, historian. She is often called Mrs. Oliphant. She wrote more than 100 books including The Chronicles of Carlingford in which the lives in Scotland are described. As a historical writer, she wrote The Makers of Florence and others. It is said to be one of the first historical studies made by woman. Christa Zorn compares Oliphant and Vernon Lee as a historical writer. (Zorn, 'History and the Female Voice' in Vernon Lee.)They seem to have a lot in common.

The Makers of Florence

 Oliphant is famous as a writer of ghost story and her major ghost stories are The Beleaguered City(1880, novel) and short stories, ‘The Open Door,' 'Old Lady Mary' and others.
 There are not so many mentions to Oliphant in Vernon Lee’s books, but they are common as a female writer of ghost stories.

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