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Christopher Marlowe

Christopher Marlowe

 1564~159. An English dramatist in the Elizabethan age. He is regarded as a forerunner of Shakespeare. The major works of his are Tamburlaine (1587), Doctor Faustus(1589)、 and The Jew of Malta(c.1589 ).

Doctor Faustus

 Doctor Faustus is a tragedy based on the legend of Faust and gave inspiration to Goethe’s Faust. Vernon Lee wrote several stories of ‘devil’s pact’ and among them 'The Lady and Death' might be written under the influence of Doctor Faustus and Faust.
 In ‘Faustus and Helena’ in Belcaro収録の'Faustus and Helena,' Lee writes: "The wizard Faustus, awaiting the hour which will give him over to Hell, is the creation of Marlowe." On the other hand, she also writes: the reason Marlowe and Goethe failed in "giving a satisfactory artistic shape to this tale" can be explained by "necessary relations between art and the supernatural, between our creative power and our imaginative faculty." In Marlowe’s time, Mephistophilies existed among people, so those described by Marlowe didn’t need ‘wit’ or ‘poetry’ those described by Goethe needed. She writes: "The very superiority of Marlowe is due to this absence of weirdness, to this complete realism."

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