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Walter Savage Landor

Walter Savage Landor

 1775~1864. An English essayist, poet. Major works of his are Imaginary Conversations and Rose Alymer.
 Imaginary Conversations is a prose written in dialogue style and opened the way for dialogue-style essay for Oscar Wilde ('The Decay of Lying' and others) and Vernon Lee (Baldwin, Althea Dialogue and others).

Imaginary Conversations and Poems

 In The Handling of Words, Lee sets the chapter 'The Rhetoric of Landor' in which he analyzes the style of Landor based on the criticism by Sidney Colvin. Citing Landor’s sentences from Leofric and Godiva, she made critical comments. According to Lee, Landor’s "classical prose" provides "high triumphs of literary craft" but has no "feeling."She writes: "Landor did not really care for what he was writing about, but only for the fact of writing. This is proved by his metaphors being not expressive, but explanatory."また、ランドーを称賛するために、ド・クインシーと比較している。

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