Vernon Lee (Violet Paget)

Jean Baptiste Racine

Jean Baptiste Racine

Jean Racine

 1639~1699. French dramatist. His tragedies Andromaque(1667) and Phèdre (1677) are representative of French classical tragedies.


 In Louis Norbert, Vernon Lee mentions Racine’s Bérénice (1670). It is a five-act tragedy and the story of Roman Emperor Titus and Bérénice, a queen of Palestina. In Louis Norbert, the heroine tries to know Louis Norbert, a person in the 17th century, from his portrait and letters and Lee compares the relationship between LouisⅩⅣ and Marie Mancini to that between Titus and Bérénice. Lee writes: "Titus, who sacrifices his love for the Jewish princess to the Raison d'Etat of ancient Rome is LouisⅩⅣ; Berenice, who refused to be jilted is Marie Mancini."
 Lee’s mother loved reading Racine’s.

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