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Elizabeth Gaskell

Elizabeth Gaskell

 1810~1865. An English novelist. She started to write novels in order to solace the grief of her child’s death. She was a friend of Charlotte Brontë and wrote a biography of her. The major works of her are Mary Burton(1848)、Cranford (1851-2)、North and South (1854-5)and others. She wrote short stories and one of them 'The Old Nurse's Story' is a ghost story.
 Vernon Lee respected Gaskell as a forerunner of a female writer. Praising her book such as Cranford, Lee deplores writing that no women follow Gaskell as a writer writing female consciousness.

 In a letter written in 1874, Lee mentions Gaskell's ghost stories. It is possible that Gaskell's stories gave strong influences on Lee's ghost stories. (Complete Letters Volume 1, P171.)
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