Vernon Lee (Violet Paget)

Domenico Neroni

Domenico Neroni

 Domenico Neroni was an Italian painter, sculptor, born in about 1450. Few works of his remain to the present and Vasari little mentioned him. Vernon Lee mentions him in detail in 'A Seeker of Pagan Perfection' in Renaissance Fancies and Studies.
 Lee introduces Neroni as "Domenico, the son of Luca Neroni, painter, sculptor, goldsmith, and engraver" and asserts that he was influenced by Ghirlandaio and Signorelli. And she writes: "colour is the enemy of noble art. It is the enemy of all precise and perfect form, since where colour exists form can can be seen only as juxtaposition of colour. For this reason it has pleased the Creator to lend colour only to the inanimate world." Vernon Lee hates the colour of red as a colour expressing passion and sex and on the other hand she loves white. That is why she likes Neroni.
 She also writes: "Domenico considered that the Pagan gods must by somewhere or other, the past and present not very clearly separated in his mind, or rather the existing in a peculiar simultaneous manner with the present, as a sort of St. Brandon's isle, in distant, unattainable seas."

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