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Maurice Baring

Maurice Baring

 1874~1945. A British poet, dramatist, and novelist. The representative works of his are The Black Prince and Other Poems(1903), With the Russians in Manchuria(1905) and others.
 Baring first met Vernon Lee at the age of 19 and since then they had been friends for a long time, continuing to exchange letters. Lee’s book For Maurice was dedicated to Maurice Baring.
 Baring was attracted by Lee’s novel The Prince of the Hundred Soup and met her for the first time in 1893 in Florence. They enjoyed Italy together and he wrote on the experiences in a letter: "Sight-seeing with Vernon Lee was sight-seeing indeed. It was the opposite of scampering through a gallery with a Baedeker and ticking off what had been 'done.'
 Baring wrote The Spirit of Rome (with apologies to Vernon Lee), a parody of Lee’s work. Lee was pleased with it.
 It was Vernon Lee who recommended that Baring should be a writer. She judged his works negatively but he was not disappointed.
 In a letter written two months before her death, Lee expressed her gratitude towards Baring.

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