Vernon Lee (Violet Paget)


トマス・グレイ(Thomas Gray)

Thomas Gray

 1716~1771年。イギリスの詩人。ロマン派詩人の先駆的存在。代表作『墓畔の哀歌』('An Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard,'1751)はひじょうに有名で、ロマン派の代表作と目されている。

An Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard

 旅行記Genius Lociに収録されている'The Epitaphs at Detwang'において、墓地に共感を寄せることについて、リーは'次のように書いている。"I always like to see cemeteries; but neither from sentimentality nor, I trust, a ghoulish spirit. ....My fondness for churchyards, therefore, does not depend upon their inmates being dead, but rather on their having been alive. .... In churchyards, on the contrary, one makes acquaintance with persons, if I may apply to them such an expression of one's own standing: indeed, epitaphs may be considered as cards which they were obliging enough to leave upon Posterity." 墓地はリーにとってgenius lociを感じることのできる場所であった。


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